'Oh Hallie & The Big Blue Sky'

I am stoked to share with you my first official release since, "Curiosity" in 2007. I am very proud of "Oh Hallie & The Big Blue Sky", (The Prospect Sessions) I think a lot of people are really going to dig this album.

I recorded this album this past mid October, with plans to release it for $8. Then, when a family in my community's child Mason (#MEGASTRONG) was diagnosed with leukemia I felt compelled to help out, and you can too!

The CD has 13 songs and will still sell for $8 (62 cents a song), but I will be donating $3 from each full album sale before May 1 to the Denton's (#MEGASTRONG).

1 comment :

  1. Hell. Yes!
    THAT'S how you do it, folks! This album is a 'must add' to any music lover's collection...you won't be disappointed!
    To those of you who buy it, you're welcome in advance! :)